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Bath Dog


Let us customize a double shampoo, conditioner, and leave in treatment routine for your pet! We'll use our expertise to make the perfect combination of shampoos, conditioners and spa treatments to fit your dog.

Dry skin? Allergies or sensitive skin? Stinky dog? Greasy dog? Yeasty dog?
Shedding dog?  Flea dog? Whatever the problem, if a bath can help, then we can do it!

Every full groom comes with a nail trim, ears cleaned, new neck-wear and a beautiful 'tweetable' after picture!

Haircut Dog


Let us customize a double shampoo, conditioner, and leave in treatment routine for your pet! We'll use our expertise to make the perfect combination of shampoos, conditioners and spa treatments to fit your dog.

Follow up with a brush out, de-shed, and haircut to your specifications (whether that be to breed standard, a shave down, or a unique personalized modern trim that suits your needs!)
Nail trimming, ear cleaning, and sanitary trims are always included!

Every haircut is followed up with a perfectly 'tweetable' photo and a new piece of neck-wear for your pooch.

Nail Trim/Dremel


Frequent Nail trims are so important to the health of your dog! Not only do long nails scratch up your floor, but they actually can cause a lot of joint pain for your dog!

All full grooming services include Nail Trimming, but you can also come in for a nail trim alone!

Consider upgrading to nail dremeling to get those nails as close as possible (without making them bleed, of course!) and smoothing those sharp sharp edges because your dog isn't "supposed" to jump, but sometimes they forget that ;)

We also offer a frequent nail trim club, because spikes belong on collars, not paws!

Luxury Services


Our luxury services can be purchased as stand alone treatments or added to your full groom package. Our luxury services may change seasonally , some options include:

Milk Bath - a warm honey infused whole milk bath that hydrates the skin and coat.

Thermo Hydrating Mask - An ultra hydration creme for your dog's skin, wrapped with a warm towel for ultimate nourishing hydration.

Teeth brushing - coupled with a plaque loosening gel, our teeth brushing will freshen breath and improve your pup's dental hygiene

Paw oil and butter - This treatment is amazing for dogs with cracked pawpads, or for dogs who walk daily on icy, salted terrain in the winter or hot asphalt in the summer.


Feather extensions - A fun way to give your boho dog a splash of color and a little flair!

Ask us about what add ons are available today!

Paw Spa


This is great for dogs that chew their paws, dogs with 'Frito feat ' (you know who you are!), or just for dogs who deserve a little bit of extra pampering for those toe beans!

We start with an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal foot wash. Next we massage a  moisturizing oil into the paw pads. While we let that soak in we trim the nails, afterwords we wipe away the excess oil and apply a light paw balm to protect your dogs paw pads :)

Our Paw Spa can be scheduled as a stand alone service, or can be added to a full groom!

Nail Pawlish


we can do a simple seasonal shade, or a more elaborate nail art design!

Only dog safe, dog specific , non toxic products are used!

If your dog is comfortable with their paws being handled and deserves a bit of style, this is a great add on for you!

This service can be requested as an add on during a full groom, or a nail trim :)

Creative Color


Get your pup a splash of color, anywhere from just the tip of the tail to a full body tiger stripe pattern!

We use only dog safe, dog specific, non toxic products.

We only recommend color for dogs who are non-fearful of the grooming process. Larger color jobs will be e broken up between appointments.

Our Creative color is a semi-permanent dye, but temporary 'cutie mark' color is also an option for those who do not want to commit to having a purple husky for a few months ;)

Cutie Mark


Want a fun bit of color, but not ready to commit to a semi-permanent dye job?

Cutie Marks are simple designed airbrushed onto your dog's coat with dog safe , non toxic , made-for-pets colorant.

These designs will last 1-7 days depending on your dog's lifestyle and coat type, and the cutie marks are easily washed off with a little soap and water!   These are a great option for special occasions.

Cutie Mark
Luxury Services
Paw Spa
Nail Pawlish
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