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About us

Spike Dog Grooming and Boutique features luxury spa services, customized bathing and skin care, and skilled styling to breed standard show trims and modern grooming styles - all at the hands of a qualified industry professional.

           You can relax knowing you are safely leaving your pet in the hands of a trained professional, and knowing they will be getting the very best and will be truly pampered! We won't blame you if you want to show off your dog's great new haircut , we'll even take a professional quality photo for you to share on social media!

             All grooming is done in the shop on appointment, one dog at a time.

            Our retail features a changing variety of toys, cloths, treats, and everything in between. We are proud to carry QuaggaCloth sweaters, handmade dog sweaters from Maine! Come visit us to pick up treats, toys, sweaters, and of course Spiked collars!

            Along with the fun dog swag, our retail section  includes tools and products to help you maintain your pet’s health and haircut at home between grooming appointments.


" Liz is an amazing groomer. She is talented and knowledgeable. Liz always does what is best for your pet. My dogs love Liz and are always excited to see her. " -Jess


"Liz is the most professional and caring groomer I have ever used!" - SB


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