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        Liz the groomer completed Grooming Academy in 2013 and strives to always improve her grooming and technique through continued education classes and seminars. Along with handling classes, competition classes, and time management courses, Liz has taken pet first aid and is certified through the red cross.  She is devoted to bringing top quality, safe grooming to all of her clients.

        Each dog's grooming experience is unique and customized to their individual needs. Your dog's spa day starts with a bath special designed for them. With your help we will chose a double shampoo and double conditioning routine to optimize your pup's experience. Every dog is unique and deserves unique care!

         We pride ourselves in our ability to find a haircut that works best for each pet and pet parent's individual tastes and life style. Anything from breed profile trims, easy maintenance shaves, Pink mohawks, or full doodle shag- we got ya' covered! And we are so happy to work with you to achieve a look that you are happy with and able to maintain.  As long as it is healthy for the dog, we are happy to oblige!

        Every full groom is completed with ear cleaning and nail trimming. We LOVE taking your pet's photo after their spa day , and encourage you to share those glamour shots on social media!


       We also offer a variety of spa upgrades and ala carte treatments for your dog, including dry skin treatments, flea treatments, nail grinding, creative color, and so much more!

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